Me & Bee Puzzle Pocket – now for iPhone and iPod

Good news for the puzzle-lovers! Me & Bee Puzzle Pocket is now available for iPhone and iPod touch.

Remember the times when you loved matching the pieces of a puzzle on a wooden board? Now you just need to take out your iPhone or iPod touch and let your children have the same feeling!

Me & Bee Puzzle Pocket is educational and entertaining. It gradually teaches your child to solve more and more complex puzzles. 100 beautifully drawn pictures are waiting to be explored and rebuilt. When a puzzle is ready the kids will hear the word for it. It helps them learn the names of the shapes and many other objects.

The puzzles are divided in 10 levels with increasing difficulty and the children get access to the next level when finish the last puzzle of the recent one.

If the little ones need help, the bee is just waiting to be touched to go and show a hint. The audio help and the intuitive, child-friendly interface make playing Me & Bee Puzzle a pleasant experience.The puzzle helps children develop their fine motor skills and learn some basic words. The wooden background and the lovely music keep the little ones concentrated and gives you some quiet time.


Me & Bee Puzzle for iPad

We proudly present our new Me & Bee Puzzle game for iPad, available on the App Store since 1st November 2011.

Me & Bee Puzzle is a match the piece game for children aged 2-7 years. It challenges the puzzle-solving abilities and is interesting even for the parents (as we’ve already noticed).

Me & Bee Puzzle has the realistic and calm feel of a classic board game, beautifully drawn pictures, which enhance concentration and yet are entertaining. Little children can play it too, because the game interface is very child-friendly and gives audio help. The bee shows hints but the players must complete the puzzle by themselves, giving them the feel of accomplishment.

The game helps children learn some basic words, including the shapes. It’s fun and educational at the same time.


Main features:

- includes 100 different puzzles
- intuitive and child-friendly interface
- beautiful images on a wooden background
- pronunciation of words and audio-help
- develops the fine motor skills
- develops the ability to concentrate
- for children aged 2-7

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